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of the probe but stems from the shooting death of 20-year-old rahim brown. police sergeant shot brown seven time saying he saw brown trying to stab another officer with a screwdriver. a female witness denies the stabbing occurred. >>> alameda county board of supervisors holding a special meeting today to select at least three vying to replace nadia lockyer she resigned april 20th, she said she needed to focus on recovery from abusive relationship and to raise her child. the board has until june 19th to appoint someone or that will go to the governor. eight have submitted applications. the three selected today will be interviewed next week. the board is expected to make its selection june 5th. >>> in a couple of hours from now the first federal hearing on jpmorgan chase begins on capitol hill. the banking committee will hear from two regulators head of the sec and commodities future trading commission. [ unintelligible ] jpmorgan chase's ceo jamie dimon is not scheduled to be at the hearing hess expected to testify next month. >>> 4 -- 4:45. president obama and mitt romney hit the fundraisin
annually. >>> for the first time since taking office, governor brown's disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating among likely voters in a major california poll. according to a poll 4 % disapprove of the job governor -- 43% disapprove, 42% approve. last month it was 47%. the dip comes after the announcement last week that the deficit has grown 60%. the poll shows 56% of voters support his november ballot initiative to raise taxes. 38% opposed. >>> spokesperson for tully's coffee says state imposed furloughs are partly to blame foreclosure of downtown cafe. with no notice they closed may 17th. the company said the company was not meeting minimum financial requirements to stay open. [ unintelligible ] >>> 4:45. the new way to move you through airport security faster. >>> mysterious explosion onboard a nuclear submarine. why investigators are stumped about the cause. >>> calcium supplements and your health. what is good for bones could harm heart. >> science on the chopping block. the governor's plan to save money by3q lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria
. "los angeles times" reports the brown administration does not intend redo revenue forecast because the stock price will continue to fluctuate. >>> this morning san francisco mayor lee will unveil a two year budget plan including money to hire more than 300 new police officers. the mayor also wants to hire more than 250 new firefighters over the next six years. lee wants to increase loans to small businesses and create new business corridors. the proposal will reveal how he plans to close the projected 170 million dollar budget gap. the board of supervisors will take up the budget next month. >>> privately owned dragon spacecraft is detached from the international space station and preparing for a ride back to earth. the it delivered half a ton of cargo to the space station seven days ago the first private mission ever to the station. spacex is headed by elon musk chairman of tesla. the reusable dragon capsule is expected to splash down in the pacific before 9:00 this morning, pacific time. >>> very little clouds you know we are ready for that warm-up mike tell us more. >>> looks li
be the largest university strike in u.s. history. >>> today bill clinton, governor brown and condoleeza rice will headline the annual outlook conference in san jose this marks the 40th year that brings together silicon valley's brightest thinkers and most prominent leaders to discuss trends affecting business, economy and politics. the conference starts at 12:50. >>> around that time could some parts of the bay area see rain? >> there's a game too mike. >> absolutely, game, showers possible but wouldn't stop me from going because they will be scattered. you will get the game in. good morning. it is dry here up north is where our storm is coming from. our winds are calm at least at the reporting station fastest wind around the bay oakland 10 miles per hour as you head towards the inland areas fairfield out of the southwest gusting around 30 miles per hour everybody else below that to calm. 8:00 this morning we may have drizzle, light rain in the north bay, drizzle al long the coast, all of us mainly -- cloudy and low 50s lunch hour focus on the north bay where the steadier rain will start to
receive add honorary degree this weekend at brown university in rhode island. she is one of nine honorary degree recipients this weekend. others included oscar winning actress viola davis. and outgoing university president ruth simmons. she in good company. >> yes. congratulations. >>> next, we are following developments out of vallejo, a police chase leads to a shooting. the bizarre sequence of vents that injuries a police officer. >>> fallout from a massacre in syria. the u.n.'s harsh words for the country's leader after scores of civilians are killed. >>> progress on the dumbarton bridge project. will it reopen in time for tomorrow's commute? >>> lay-offs loom for major cell phone maker. how many jobs could be cut this week at rim. çkçkçkçkçkçkçkk
to change -- debacle might hurt their efforts to change regulations. >>> in a few hours governor brown will reveal where he will make deeper cuts than expected for the state budget that takes effect july 1st. over the weekend he posted this video on youtube warning the state deficit has soared to 16 billion dollars, nearly bubble the -- nearly dub the figure expected. some spending cuts were rewrecked -- were rejected. days will be unveiled this morning. >>> bay air school districts will lay-off fewer teachers than expected. the state requires school districts to issue preliminary notices by march 15th and final notice may 15th, even though they may not know their revenue until late summer. san jose warned 142 staff members they may not have jobs, all those notices have been rescinded. santa clara is reducing lay-offs from 37 positions to three. the lay-offs in the west contra costa district is going down from 52 to 29 positions. >>> and friends of an oakland murder victim are -- vowing to continue to draw attention to her violent death. the victim was a transgender woman. a group org
in the next half hour. >>> governor brown is backtracking on his plan to phase out the state's youth prison system in january the budget included plans to close the state's youth prisons next year and shift young inmates to county facilities. in the revision the governor calls for tabling his previous plan. the change came after protests from corrections officials they argued counties are already struggling with more adult prisoners shifted to their jails cannot handle additional juvenile inmates. >>> efforts resume to locate and free a whale. first spotted in pacific grove sunday by a whale watching boat. you can see the netting in the north bay a mammal center rescue team freed a whale monday that whale was first spotted last friday entangled in a crab pot line. >>> mayor lee is making a full court press to bring the golden state warriors back to san francisco. the chronicle reports warriors' owners met with lee yesterday to discuss moving the team across the bay to a new waterfront arena built at piers 30 and 32. the warriors are making moves that indicate there's mutual interest iny[ sa
continue to back governor brown's call for higher taxes to cut the state's deficit but distrust of state government could erode that support. new poll shows that 59% of those surveyed would support the governor's tax plan coupled with spending cuts. 36% oppose the initiative when it was suggested to likely vote there's lawmakers could spend new revenue on things other than schools and public safety only five% said they would support the governor's initiative, 42% say they would vote against it. >>> warriors land to return to san francisco by with the 2017 season could be costly. east bay officials believe the team would still be on the hook for up to 70 million dollars to help pay back off the bonds under the warriors' lease if the team pulls out for any reason before the construction bonds are retired in 2026, they still owe the money. that's the city's stance. the team's new owners appear to take a position they are only libel for payments until the lease runs out in 2017. >>> 4:30 if i five on this wednesday morning. i thought i heard -- mike say something about 90° highs today. >> p
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Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9